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Johnsano Courier Services cc

Was Registered in the year 2007 , It emanated from humble beginnings in 2006 being directed by God without any knowledge on Courier services/Logistics although I had passion for Rendering Services to the Public.
I enrolled with South African Airways school of Excellence the year 2006 for a course in Cargo1 and Dangerous goods successfully to acquire knowledge and skill

Johnsano Truck
After research and due diligence, I discovered a gap that many West Africans had a problem sending goods home and bringing in Goods Therefore I crafted a solution to solve this problem collecting their goods and sending to their desired destination and since then we have grown from leaps to bounds due to swift delivery, reliability and trust. We have grown from one person we have 12 permanent employees .
Johnsano Courier Services cc

Our Mission

To give our clients the best service by collecting their goods and sending them to their desired destinations. We do this by careful listening, understanding and executing each project to the best of our ability.

Our passion

We are passionate about making our customers happy, our industry, establishing close relationships with our clients and partners.

Our relationship oriented approach is our fuel which we get feedback when we receive thank you from satisfied clients.

Johnsano courier services has grown to a well established company that strives to provide all clients with services beyond comparison. We are dynamic, efficient and flexible. Our main business scope is to provide a range of services for import and export of cargoes in and out of South Africa. We treat every shipment as a highly individualised experience where-in your cargo moves swiftly, directly from your facility to the airlines dock and straight to the destination. Our freight services has grown from only parcels to container volumetric cargoes. We operate precisely from South Africa to West Africa (Nigeria- Head quarters , Ghana and Cameroon).


How long does it take?

Road Freight: From 2 days depending on destination

Air freight: 3-5 days

Ship freight: 29 days

Do you work on weekends?
Yes, from 9am-12pm
What is the mode of payment, on point of origin or destination?
What are the Customs procedures.
We do clearing making it easy for our clients
Do you transport perishable goods?
No we don’t

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